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Ovation tyres

Ovation brand tyres are produced by one of the largest and fastest growing factories in China. Extremely high quality tyres are produced using modern production techniques at excellent, competitive prices. They are subjected to stringent European regulations in extensive test programmes, easily surpassing the requirements for certification such as by RDW and TŰV.


The Ovation range consists of tyres for cars and delivery vans in every sector. The brand also includes specially developed tyres for caravans and trailers. Summer tyres in 266 different sizes means that they have virtually the entire fleet covered. The all-season tyres in 53 sizes meet the demands of a fast growing market for motorists who want to drive safely year-round on just one set of tyres. And on top of that, there is also a large selection of winter tyres that come in 128 sizes.


The extensive range of summer, winter and all-season tyres means that Ovation is an extremely popular brand among our national and international clients.


Some typical reactions from Ovation users include:


– “A surprisingly good tyre for a very attractive price”

– “My next set of tyres will definitely be from Ovation again”

– “I also choose Ovation for my winter tyres”


De Klok Banden always keeps an extensive stock of Ovation tyres, allowing your orders to be delivered quickly and competently. Also ask about our extensive range of lorry tyres specially developed for Europe!

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