Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable business is high on the agenda at De Klok Banden B.V. We are continually pursuing the right balance between the mainstays of sustainable entrepreneurship: employees, the environment and society.


De Klok Banden believes in sustainable employment for its personnel. Training, job rotation and utilising helpful tools are just some of the methods we employ, allowing our employees to carry out their work in a varied, efficient and safe manner.

Interns and refugees

De Klok Banden shoulders some of its corporate social responsibility by offering opportunities to interns and recognised refugees. By allowing candidates to gain experience in the company, De Klok Banden provides them with a foundation for their further development in society. A myriad of initiatives have also been started in the area of green entrepreneurship.

LED lighting

The offices and other buildings have been fully equipped with LED lighting, resulting in significant savings in energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Solar panels

De Klok Banden will soon be generating all the energy it uses from solar power. One of its building roofs will be used to install 1,000 solar panels. The installation should enable De Klok Banden to generate its own electricity in 2018. De Klok Banden is convinced that successful business and sustainability go hand-in-hand.